Towards Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a statistical method used by businesses to achieve process improvement and enhance quality within an organization. It is a systematic, rigorous and proven methodology focused on improving the quality of processes

within a company, and eliminating process defects. A successful implementation of these business improvement principles aligns the entire organization’s people, processes and energy around a common strategy and culture. Six Sigma Methodologies are applicable to organizations across the spectrum of industries, from healthcare, to oil and gas, and manufacturing sector.

Six sigma helps to remove variation in manufacturing processes and improve efficiency. Companies like Ford, GE, Microsoft, and Boeing rely on certified six sigma experts to help them drive quality improvement within the
organizations. Companies generally use the Six Sigma concepts as a cost reduction tool by eliminating wastes and boosting the bottom line.

Six Sigma certification is a confirmation that an individual has successfully fulfilled the necessary conditions for implementing process improvement based on the specific sets of requirements from the company granting the certification. The certification involves passing a proficiency test and displaying competency by executing a Six Sigma project in order to merit the award. There are three different level of Six-Sigma Certification – Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Black Belt.

Why should I get Six Sigma Certified?

· To increase desirability and suitability by employers.

·To boost your competency in quality and process improvement field.

· To increase your earning capacity.

· To show proficiency as a process improvement expert.

· To demonstrate mastery of best practices in the industry.

Recommended Books for Six Sigma Certification

· The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook.

· The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook.

· The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Handbook

· Six Sigma for the New Millennium

· The ASQ Pocket Guide for the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

· The Quality Toolbox

Can I take my Certification online?

· Yes. Click here.

What is the cost of Certification?

· Starting from $199.99. Click here.

What are the salary expectations?

· Starting from $55,000 per annum to $120,000 per annum depending on industry and job location.

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