1. What is Techsolete all about?

Techsolete Enterprise is a database and information management company working to help its users monitor and keep track of their professional certification status.

2. How does Techsolete monitor my certificate status?

Techsolete tracks your certification status by monitoring the expiration dates and sending you notifications as the expiration dates approach.

3. What are the different plans available on Techsolete Enterprise Platform?

There are 3 different plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium Plans.

4. What are the differences between the plans?

With our Basic Plan, you can track up to 3 certificates at no cost.

With our Standard Plan, you can track up to 10 certificates for $9.99/YR.

With our Premium Plan, you can track up to 1000 certificates for $349.99/YR. Suitable for corporate organizations.

5. Would I still be receiving notifications if my subscription ends?

No. When you are out of subscription with us, we will automatically stop sending notifications to you.

6. How many notifications will I receive from Techsolete?

Five Notifications.

7. Can I upload my certificates on Techsolete website?

Techsolete Enterprise platform also act as a database that you can use to store your certificates so that it can be available to you at all times.

8. How often do I pay my subscription?

Subscription is paid once in a year.

9. Can I change my subscription plan after months of subscribing?

You can. The site is built to automatically move you over to another plan the moment you are uploading more certificates than your current plan permits.